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Scholarship Student Spotlight

Adriane ’19

July 21, 2016

Cavanagh Family Scholarship

Adriane ’19, from Adamsville, Alabama, says, “I'm a first-generation student who didn't think I could go to college because my family couldn't afford to send me. Being here means I have the opportunity to make a better life for myself, and hopefully I can do what I love along the way.”… more

Timothy ’18

July 21, 2016

Joshua ’73 and Amy Boger Wesleyan Endowed Scholarship

A computer science and microbiology double major from Seoul, Korea, Timothy ’18 says, “Attending Wesleyan means I am receiving an education from renowned professors in an environment where people care. From every step I take to every conversation I have, Wesleyan is my home.” What… more

Miranda ’16

July 21, 2016

John C. Blankenagel Endowed Wesleyan Scholarship

Miranda ’16, a German studies and theater double major from Boston, Massachusetts, says, “I chose Wesleyan because I was astounded by the passion of the student body. Attending Wesleyan means being able to pursue my passions and interests to the fullest with resources available for… more

Cole ’17

July 21, 2016

Rhode Island Scholarship Fund

Cole ’17, a biology and the neuroscience and behavior double major from Bristol, Rhode Island, says,  “Wesleyan stands for opportunity. This school enables its students to follow their passions, in any form they may come. The people and professors here are so compassionate… more

Sadichchha ’16

July 21, 2016

Pearson Family Wesleyan Scholarship

Sadichchha '16, a College of East Asian Studies (CEAS) and government double major from Kathmandu, Nepal and Astoria, New York, says, "Attending Wesleyan means opportunity for me. Coming to a school like this has opened so many doors, both socially and professionally. The skills I have learned… more

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