Campaign Council

The Campaign Council played a key role in achieving our fundraising goals. Members provided critical guidance and direction to the president and board of trustees during semi-annual campaign meetings and routinely assess campaign progress. One of the Council’s greatest strengths was its diversity—representing various industries, geographies, decades, and personalities. The one characteristic that tied them together: their passion for their alma mater. Members were involved and dedicated to bringing Wesleyan to new heights of excellence through their active participation and volunteerism and were not shy about engaging others in discussion about all that is happening at Wesleyan. They continue to contribute generously to Wesleyan of their time, talents, and resources and are committed to encouraging other alumni, parents, and friends to join them in supporting the University—Because A Wesleyan Education Is Our Cause.

Leo Au ’71
David Barr '85
Joshua Boger '73, P'06, P'09
Phoebe Boyer '89
Dwayne Busby '95, MALS'08
Andrew J. Calica '01
Eileen Cheigh '91
Brendan Coughlin '95
Alan Dachs '70, P'98, Hon'07
Jennifer Daniels '90
Betsy Ware Fippinger '03
Peter Frank '12
Rebecca Friendly '11
Jeff Hays P'10, P'13
Darryl Hazel '70, P'03
Oz Hazel '03
Moira James '78, P'10, P'16
Ellen Jewett '81, P'17
Channing Kelly '95
Tom Kelly '73
Daphne Kwok '84
Rita Lurito '83, P'17
Donna Morea '76, P'06
Megan Norris '83, P'17
David Olson '78
Izaak Orlansky '08
Ruth Pachman '78
Kelly Paul '02
David L. Resnick '81, P'13
Rohini Sahni '00
John M. Shapiro '74
Renny Smith '78
Ariana Snowdon '10
Don Spencer '77, P'13
Richard Swanson '77
Marisa Uchin '97
John Usdan '80, P'15 - Chair
Susan Webster '77, P'18