In the spring of 2013 Wesleyan launched a $400 million campaign.
Because Wesleyan is our cause!



Financial Aid — Now more than ever

The chief goal of the campaign is support for financial aid—$200 million in new endowment and annual funding. Our target is to more than double our endowment dollars earmarked for scholarship grants, while benefiting students with financial need immediately through Wesleyan Fund gifts. We want to make a Wesleyan education possible for motivated, talented students who cannot afford to attend without financial assistance or without incurring heavy debt. Financial aid is the key to creating an affordable Wesleyan education today, tomorrow, and forever. You can support financial aid with your Wesleyan Fund gift and by endowing a scholarship.



Trailblazing teaching, mentoring, and research

The campaign will provide $140 million in new resources to continue to recruit and retain the most talented faculty, professors who thrive in Wesleyan‘s distinctive teacher–scholar culture. These resources will also support student and faculty endeavors in some of our signature programs, including the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life, the Center for the Humanities, the College of the Environment, the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and the Shapiro Creative Writing Center. And new interdisciplinary colleges are in the works. You can support trailblazing teaching, mentoring, and research by establishing a professorship, making a gift to help endow these innovative academic programs, and through your annual Wesleyan Fund gift.



Engagement beyond campus

Our goal is to add $60 million in endowment and annual funding to dramatically advance students‘ opportunities to deepen their learning through the creative interaction of scholarship and engagement with the community. Internships, service learning, and related research are of enormous value to Wesleyan students, but there are financial constraints. Wesleyan alumni all over the world want to offer internships, for example, but there are limited funds for stipends that would enable students to accept them. You can support student engagement and Wesleyan‘s impact beyond campus by endowing an internship or student research fund and through your annual Wesleyan Fund gift.

Whether it‘s $100 or $100,000, whether it‘s a gift through the Wesleyan Fund or to the endowment, whether it‘s to support financial aid or endow a new professorship, together Wesleyan alumni, parents, students, faculty, and friends will further the causes of ACCESS, INQUIRY and IMPACT.