Ibironke Otusile ’15

I am excited about declaring my double major in Dance and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry because it will bring me closer to my aspiration of being a pediatric otolaryngologist. Besides academics, I am an active member of the African Students Association (ASA) and our annual cultural show, ‘Ariya,’ is coming up. One of my good friends will be the guest speaker. She is the epitome of creativity, social entrepreneurship, and brains. In addition to coordinating the presentation of a prominent woman in African business, another student and I are creating dances for Suya, the African Dance troupe that we co-founded last fall. We recently admitted about 15 new students to the troupe. I am also in another student danced group called the Wesleyan Praise Dance team. I am one of the newest members and am glad to be able to express myself through liturgical dance. Being on two different types of dance teams makes me aware of the different dance forms available on Wesleyan’s campus and more generally in the world.