Hannah Vogel ’13

During my last year at Wes I was involved in a couple things that I just totally loved. I worked with some other students to put together the second-ever Wesleyan Thinks Big event. Five of Wesleyan’s most beloved professors gave TED talk-eque presentations on subjects they find fascinating. The student and community response was overwhelmingly positive. 

I was also a member of the advanced taiko drumming group, which was both really fun and the reason my arms were so sore all the time. I sang with a student-run a cappella chamber choir, which was nerdy and weirdly fabulous. I worked with Shining Hope for Communities and was continually so impressed and inspired by the students who run and participate in that group. I also facilitated the peer-run grief group with another senior, and it was truly meaningful to be able to provide some support for Wesleyan students who have suffered a loss.

Academically, I finished up both my majors and worked on a senior essay for College of the Environment. In an unusual departure from science, I took my first-ever creative writing class this semester. It was challenging because I’m about as creative as a brick, but we read fantastic books and I think—maybe—I’m now writing a little better.