Rachael Addison Adler ’82

Having graduated Wesleyan with my degree in Film Theory & Criticism, I moved to NY to work at my first job with Albert & David Maysles, cinema verite filmmakers.  I also enrolled in acting classes with Larry Moss, a renowned acting teacher. who, after witnessing my utter lack of technique, sent me to the Neighborhood Playhouse to work with Sanford Meisner. Studying with Sandy deeply changed the course of my life, and several years later I returned to train as a teacher of his Technique. Since then I have had the amazingly good fortune of being able to coach hundreds and hundred of actors in this work at my private acting studios, conservatories, and acting schools in the US and abroad. Extremely frustrated with the bland and literally unbelievable theatre in the Bay Area, for years I have been driven to create a theatre and conservatory that would generate work that was raw, truthful, gritty, and well-written -- theatre work the likes of which keeps coming out of my hometown of Chicago. Last year I founded the Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory in Berkeley, California, and invited two of the US's top Voice and Movement teachers, Lisa Anne Porter and Matthew Graham Smith to join me on the faculty at the Waterfront. We soon realized that each one of us had gone to and graduated from Wesleyan!!  The shock of that news sent chills down each of our spines, and after some discussion, we realized that, similar to LA being homebase to the Wes Film Mafia, the Bay Area may indeed be a contender for homebase for the Wes Theatre Mafia.