David Knapp ’49

I was not happy socially at Wesleyan 1945-1949, which was made up mostly of World War II veterans (I was a small minority of 18 year olds fresh out of high school and prep schools) but received a wonderful academic education. I had to deal with ideas and behaviors I did not like or approve. One of the great benefits of a liberal education, especially at Wesleyan, was being taught to study all sides of an issue and then make your decision and choice. What a valuable skill to use for the rest of your life in everything you do or say!

[Dave Knapp '49 was a sales executive for many years; since his retirement more than 20 years ago he has had a second career as a social activist fighting for LGBT equality in churches and the Boy Scouts of America. An Eagle Scout who joined when he was 12 years old, Dave worked for the Scouts for many years in management and leader recruitment and training.]