Rick Gilberg ’74

My parents didn't go to college - they were working people - and they instilled this desire to get out of our blue-collar background. But my father thought that the escape route was to take the civil service exam, or get a job that's depression-proof like being a plumber or electrician, or owning a liquor store.

But when I got basically a full ride to an elite school, I got into sides of myself that I never even knew existed. So I've always felt indebted to Wesleyan - for me it was a game changer. ...

I went there not really sure what I wanted to do, but I got into studying apocalyptic and millenial movements from the time of Jesus Christ to the Chinese Communist Party, and really just started devouring the stuff. I was one of those guys who'd go off and see the professor and sit in his office with him and just talk and soak it all in.