Charles John Schneider ’84

Like so many other high school graduates, I hadn’t settled on a career choice yet when I looked at colleges, so many years ago. Time passes quickly. Thirty years have come and gone in just the blink of an eye, it seems; but one positive thing about this ‘split second’ illusion is that events, and memories, from long ago seem as if they just happened yesterday.

I remember it well. Immediately following my tour and interview at Wesleyan, I knew it was the perfect place for me. After the dust of the application process had settled and the choices materialized in front of me, I ended up turning down a spot in the freshman class at Ivy-League Cornell, as well as full scholarships at Middlebury and Colgate, for ‘good-ole’ Wes. The science program tugged at me while the English and Literature offerings pulled: a perfect balance of ‘keep your options open’ if there ever was one. As it turns out, I made a career of the first, and a highly successful ‘hobby’ of the other!

A Portrait in TimeThe place itself, with its diverse student body, eclectic course offerings, and practical as well as esoteric professors, nourished right brain as well as left. This, in retrospect, was the reason ‘why’ I originally chose Wesleyan; and three decades later, this unique quality of my alma mater is the reason ‘why’ I have succeeded as a physician and a fiction novelist.

It’s never too late to send a belated ‘thanks’: to Tony Connor, for bringing the plays of Shakespeare, my literary inspiration, to vivid life; to Al Turco, who functioned as my writing mentor, lending a critical eye to countless essays penned during the countless classes that I took with him during my four years at Wes; to Tony Infanti, my research advisor, whose encouragement directed me into the field of Molecular Biology and indirectly, eventually, into Medicine itself; and to Wesleyan University—a place where liberal arts and the ‘hard’ sciences live and work together in undisputed harmony.     

Charles J. Schneider MD FACP is a practicing Oncologist at the Helen F. Graham Center of Christiana Care in Newark Delaware; and the author of the top-selling fiction novel A PORTRAIT IN TIME: a Brighton Publishing release. (