Bob Craft ’76

[A native of Washington, D.C., Bob Craft chose Wesleyan because he thought the College of Social Sciences major would be good preparation for law school. He decided to double major in Theater only to add variety to his intense CSS curriculum.

"I wanted to do something different, to have a change of pace," he says. "I found I was very good at theater and I loved working with actors."

He directed theater productions at Wesleyan under the guidance of Bill Francisco, professor of theater. Upon graduation, Craft applied to both law and film schools.]

For the past 27 years I have worked as a location manager on feature films and long form television. Among the projects I have worked on are PULP FICTION, JACKIE BROWN, GATTACA, XXX and the first FAST AND THE FURIOUS.

When I was at Wesleyan I was a double major in College of Social Studies and the Theater Department. Many of the skills I learned at Wesleyan I still use in my work today.

For example, I learned problem solving in CSS, a skill I use all the time. When confronted with the need to find a certain location for a picky director and nothing is working, I often realize that I am asking the wrong questions. In order to become unstuck, I step back, try to look at the situation in a different light, and ask myself a different question.

It was also in CSS that I learned how to deal with a lot of work, break it down and figure out how to handle it. I also learned how to write short concise memos, another valuable skill. In the theater department, I learned how to deal with others and run a department, getting everyone to work together.

All of these skills I learned at Wesleyan.