Bill Wasch ’52

I had to decide between Chi Psi and Alpha Delt. I joined Alpha Delt, and met a wonderful group of students. In those days, most of the fraternities had eating clubs, and we would have dinner, and we'd learn table manners—can you believe that? We actually had to wear a tie, and it was a little more formal. We learned how to use a knife and fork, if we hadn't learned at home. And then we'd talk about the day we'd had. 

Many people would come a half hour before dinner and play cards. We'd play blackjack. And one thing we used to have at Alpha Delt was the pants-dropping contest, down at Peewee's, a bar on Main St. And we had one guy, David Williams, who was the grandson of John Andrus. And David had very thin hips, and he would always win the pants-dropping contest.