Joe Giaimo ’11

I had never heard of Wesleyan up until January of my senior year of HS. I received a call from one of the football coaches, jumped at the opportunity to visit, and did a quick tour of the school and the rest was history. I loved my Wesleyan experience because of the people I met here. People who were way different than I was, from around the world and country, who had drastically different views than I did. But I loved that. I always tell outsiders that the value of a liberal arts education is not just what you learn in the classroom but what you learn from the people around you, the experiences you go through with them on the ball field, or the projects you stay up late doing with people to hopefully impress the professor the next day. It's the debates you have with fellow DKEs at the lunch table about politics, religion, sports, and life. It's the memories on the weekends or on the Hill that will last you a lifetime.

Those who know Wesleyan know what I'm talking about and for me I have a group of 20 close friends that I will be connected to for the rest of my life. At Wesleyan we shared an interest in learning, exploring life, and achieving excellence in the classroom, football field, and in the community.

The professors you encounter are first class and want to see you succeed. I remember vividly calling home and telling my mom that I couldn't cut it here during my freshman fall. But slowly, as I got to know more and more professors I was helped along. My favorite classes were ones that were outside of my major - Joe Siry in Art History, an english lit class I took my 1st semester fall, a poetry class I took in my senior spring, and of course my two Elvin Lim classes who is one of the best lecturers and most impressive people I've ever met in my life. If there's one person a US President should have in the Cabinet it's Elvin Lim.

Wesleyan also gave me the opportunity to lead my own student form and discuss different forms of leadership. That was probably one of my prouder accomplishments at Wesleyan. But most importantly, the professors, the administrators, and the friends I met from all walks of life are what will make me continue to support Wesleyan for years to come so that others have the same first class experience I did.