Eric Postel ’77

Amazing coincidence: When I was confirmed as an Assistant Administrator at USAID, one of the political appointees working for me was Christian Holmes '68, the Agency Global Water Coordinator. Soon after, the newly-created water office needed a director so we recruited a USAID foreign service officer who was working out in Cairo. John Pasch '93. In January, one of my three immediate deputies left to run USAID Cairo. At the same time, USAID was asked to leave Russia for political reasons. So, the head of USAID Russia came to work for me: Charles North '82. You guessed it, also a Wes grad. When one of my other deputies retired, I filled that job on an interim basis with Chris Holmes. So three of the top four slots in the Bureau are Wesleyan grads and in total four of 240 people in the Bureau are Wes grads. No plan – just coincidence.


(Pictured left to right: John Pasch, Charles North, Eric Postel, and Chris Holmes)