Alok Appadurai ’00

I had a number of favorite professors who helped shape my mind, my world view, and my beliefs. Professors Kerr-Ritchie and Karemcheti were superb, insightful, and eloquent, taking me on journeys through texts about the lives of slaves, third world writers and more. But it was Professors Ann Wightman and Claire Potter who rocked me, particularly in Colonialism & Its Consequences. I became fascinated with the intersection of Europe, Africa, and the America's and eventually built my own major combining History, Economics, and Literature in order to understand how things have come to be the way they are in terms of race, income inequality, and social justice.

I believe in Wesleyan as a place that fosters open-mindedness, creative problem-solving, and a view of the world that doesn't just celebrate the victors but advocates for those whose voices aren't always heard. It is my hope that Wesleyan continues to hone the next generations of leaders who will champion causes that protect the environment, give voice to the underserved, and promote equality for animals, humans, and the earth. 

It is with pride that I call myself a Wesleyan graduate.

—Alok Appadurai, co-founder of Fed by Threads