Rina Kremer ’15

Studying abroad, though a super terrific wonderful opportunity of almost priceless value, when considering all of the cumulated experiences, awareness, and knowledge, eats into the already short period of time that a typical four year undergraduate program consists of. I came to Wesleyan set on going abroad for a year, because, when I came here, that was my main (more like, one and only) concern I had: utilize the college experience for other country exploration.



That was before I had any idea of what I was getting into.

Shortly after starting my studies here, I quickly realized that that was the last thing I would want to do while here, ever. No way am I going to give up a year (a year!) of time with these people. You know that when you hear seniors who are devastated about having to leave, after already being here for four years (and not because they don’t have jobs), that the deal is real.

So, to make up that long time away: I am sticking around for the summer!! Thank you Green Fund, the wonderful kids who believe in us and make up the panel, and the Wesleyan-enabled opportunity. I will be here for WILD Wes, the student-created and student-run sustainable landscaping group on campus that currently has three projects underway! It’ll be a lot of long, hot  days of manual labor, planning, and productivity, but that’s okay, because that’s kinda my thing. The best part of my weekends during the year were the 12-4PM work days WILD Wes had, so I can’t wait for that to turn into my all-day, everyday.


In the greater scheme of the greater life of Wesleyan summer life (yes, so much better word choice could have been done for that phrase). I’ve heard it’s a party in a can — lots of kids are on and about campus for summer sessions, research, other on-campus clubs, activities, and sports. Honestly, up until a little bit ago, I had absolutely No Interest in staying on campus for any summers here ever. It’s the people that make this place home for me and so, without the people, it’s just another college campus. However, I have been quite reassured otherwise. I talk to more and more kids everyday about their summer presence on campus (oh you're here too?!) and others’ summer experiences here. Kids also come down to visit, and I am much more able to go visit friends for a weekend here and there than if I went home to Idaho. It becomes an even more tight-knit community because there are less of us here, and, all being here for the long haul, are in it together. So, essentially, it’s like being at Wesleyan without the traditional class work. Not that the work is a huge bummer, but, after all, the break from it is highly necessary.

In short: for all of you that are officially enrolled in Wesleyan for this next coming year…CONGRATULATIONS!!
Unfortunately I won’t be here in the fall to meet you and weirdly make friends with you (probably a good thing). But in any case, though you might not know it yet, you’ll know it first-hand quite soon: you just made the best decision of your life.


(See this full post -- with pictures and things -- on the blog here: http://voices.blogs.wesleyan.edu/2013/05/10/i-just-refuse-to-leave/)