Mark J. Estren ’68

You don't get much more of a "liberal education" than this: majoring in Classics (Latin) and English, general manager of WESU, managing editor of The Wesleyan Argus, and a few ancillary matters involving, for example, music (which helped me get into the conducting seminar at Tanglewood Institute to study with Leonard Bernstein). All of this set the stage for an exceedingly varied (or, if you prefer, unfocused) career: lots of print, radio, TV and cable journalism, a couple of Ph.D. degrees, a Pulitzer fellowship, business management, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions....and, more recently, authorship of a couple of medical books: "Statins: Miraculous or Misguided?" and "Prescription Drug Abuse." Those came after a book on psychology ("Question Authority to Think for Yourself") and...umm..."A History of Underground Comics: 20th Anniversary Edition." Where can a Wesleyan education take you? In my case, the answer turned out to be: pretty much anywhere I wanted to go.