Amanda Sloan ’80

It’s hard to believe sometimes that I am in my mid-50s and that magical state of being, retirement, glows on the horizon! Actually, I’ve told Chris, my husband, that I will probably work until I die, because I love what I do.

In my mid-30s I followed my heart—and my Wesleyan background as a Science in Society major and resident of Ecology House—and switched careers, from public relations to landscape design. I became a registered landscape architect and I now specialize in beautiful designs for rain gardens and other low-impact design techniques, such as school and playground gardens, lakeside parks, recreation sites, and home landscapes.

The seeds of my passion were sown while studying at Wesleyan, and I realize that so much of what I learned 30 years ago was groundbreaking then, and is immediately relevant today. Pursuing this knowledge path is what has led me to find a career that makes me happy every single day.