Timothy ’18

Joshua ’73 and Amy Boger Wesleyan Endowed Scholarship

A computer science and microbiology double major from Seoul, Korea, Timothy ’18 says, “Attending Wesleyan means I am receiving an education from renowned professors in an environment where people care. From every step I take to every conversation I have, Wesleyan is my home.”

What is your major?

I am a computer science and microbiology and biochemistry double major. I feel that the overlap between these two fields is an area of science that has the most space for development and research. Both concepts are fascinating in their individual ways as they stimulate me to think in a different mindset. Working with programming languages is like solving a challenging puzzle and studying about microbiology intrigues me and forces me to think even harder about the smallest details.

Which class was your favorite last semester and why?

Although Advance Research Seminar is not an official class and is actually a research credit, I found it to be my favorite because my work in that class closely resembled the work I want to do in my future career. In the course, I assisted Associate Professor of Computer Science Janet Burge in developing software that students use to document rationale and think through their own decisions while programming. Software engineering is where I imagine my future lies, so having experience before my first out of school job motivates me to strive further.

To date, what is your biggest academic achievement at Wesleyan?

In my computer science class, I was able to create a word-processing application that could only be built by applying everything that I had learned up to that point. From data structures to algorithms to bit structure, this challenge only furthered my love for building software with scripting. The moment I had finished the last line of code, I had realized that the frustration and stress was only a motivating force that drove me past my perceived limits.

To date, what has been your biggest academic challenge?

As a sophomore, I can confidently say juggling my time between classes, research, and a job is my biggest academic challenge. I was forced to quickly adapt to my crammed schedule from my easy-going freshman year, but by being able to learn quickly and read situations, I have successfully hit the ground running.

What professor, class, program, or experience has had the most impact on your Wesleyan career to this point?

Two semesters and a summer studying computer science have cleared any doubt that I may have had about what I want to do for the next few years. Every project, challenge, and night staying up to finish an assignment has shaped this view.

Did you do anything interesting over a break relevant to your college experience?

Under Professor Burge, I was able to work independently on my own project and further my experience in the field of computer science. I also learned to cook for myself on a daily basis as it was necessary for my survival. I found a new independent side of myself that was foreign to me previously.

What activities, jobs, sports, and/or clubs do you participate in outside of class?

I am the co-chair of the Korean Student Association as well as an audio technician at the Center for the Arts. I participate in club and intramural soccer on a regular basis and find myself spending a lot of my time out on the field.

So far, what has been your most memorable experience at Wesleyan?

During international student orientation, I met intellectuals who thought like me. I was thoroughly surprised and content by the profundity that many of the students showed at Wesleyan. In the first few days, I was able to find the people that I knew could stay by my side for the next few years.

As you reflect on your time at Wesleyan so far, what does attending this university mean to you?

Attending Wesleyan means I am receiving an education from renowned professors and an environment where people care. It means the perfect circumstances for an individual to develop character as a whole person. From every step I take to every conversation I have, Wesleyan is my home.