Jessy ’18

Class of 1962 Endowed Wesleyan Scholarship Fund

Jessy ’18, from Aliso Viejo, California, who is interested in pursuing an economics and film double major, says, “Attending Wesleyan means having the opportunity to pursue whatever interests I may have with people pursuing similar interests and lending a hand in whatever way I may need.”

What is your major?
I have yet to declare, but I'd be interested in pursuing an economics and film double major. Last year I finished most of my pre-med requirements, so med school is still an option as well. There are a vast many reasons why each field interests me. Over the summer, I met a great many businessmen of all types that inspired me to pursue economics beyond simply curiosity. The film major speaks to me because of its quality of combining a creative outlet with a meaningful manner in which to send my message to an audience, whether it be humorous or philosophical.

Are you planning to study abroad?
Not this year, but I'm looking to study abroad in the summer either at King's College in London for business or possibly an internship in Costa Rica involving conservation research.

What classes did you take last semester?
Digital Photography I; Quantitative Methods in Economics; History of World Cinema; The Language of Hollywood; and Group Tutorial, Undergraduate.

Which class was your favorite last semester and why?
Group Tutorial was actually a video production class. It combined knowledge from almost all of my other classes and taught me practical video production skills that will allow me to continue making small projects on my own.

Who was your favorite professor last semester and why?
Film Studies Chair Scott Higgins was quite a delight! He combined humor, history, and contemporary details to make class exciting and informative.

To date, what is your biggest academic achievement at Wesleyan?
Completing my chemistry lab with a grade of an A has been my biggest academic achievement. I cite this as my biggest because I myself learned so much practical knowledge. Everything in the class was hands on, so as someone who learns by doing, it was the best class to pass with flying colors.

To date, what has been your biggest academic challenge?
My biggest challenge has been finding a balance between work, class homework, and athletics. It's a delicate balancing act, but it has taught me to manage my time wisely and plan ahead for due dates.

What professor, class, program, or experience has had the most impact on your Wesleyan career to this point?
Last year, Campus MovieFest arrived at our campus, offering semi-professional equipment to make a movie within a week. My friend Colin and I teamed up and made a movie just for fun. However, it turned into a painstaking production with many mishaps due to our amateur experience directing and producing. In the end, the result was worth the struggle. We qualified for the screening on our campus (within the top 16 films), and won a fan choice award. The experience introduced me to the cumbersome yet rewarding world of movie making.

What is your favorite place on campus and why?
The terrace of Allbritton Center is quite serene. It's calming during the warmer weather, and a great place to do homework with a view of Middletown and the south side of campus.

Did you do anything interesting over a break relevant to your college experience?
I helped my friend who is a film major at UCLA produce and edit a short film about gun violence and video games. I also worked at a five-star resort as a host for the pool, bar and grill.

What activities, jobs, sports and/or clubs do you participate in outside of class?
I am on the indoor and outdoor track and field teams. I am also active with Method TV and Cardinal Pictures.

So far, what has been your most memorable experience at Wesleyan?
The NESCAC championship with my track team was by far the most memorable experience for me at Wesleyan.

As you reflect on your time at Wesleyan so far, what does attending this university mean to you?
Attending Wesleyan means having the opportunity to pursue whatever interests I may have, with people pursuing similar interests and lending a hand in whatever way I may need.