Engagement On Campus And Beyond

The THIS IS WHY campaign raised more than $61 million in endowment and annual funding to dramatically advance students’ opportunities to deepen their learning through the creative interaction of scholarship and engagement with the community. That total includes $10 million to support 113 new endowed internships across campus. We want to provide abundant ways for students to apply the theories they are learning in class to their experiences in the world. You can support student engagement opportunities by endowing an internship or student research fellowship and through your annual Wesleyan Fund gift, which supports literally every area of university engagement.

Support Student Life and Engagement Through Extracurricular Activities

Community at Wesleyan is as much an act of collision as it is connection—the swirl of ideas, talents, pursuits, dreams, and ambitions that exist in our students are revealed in the myriad and ever-evolving clubs, teams, and organizations we call "student life." Wesleyan Fund gifts support tried, true, and new activities such as 92 Theatre, WSA, a cappella groups, 43 varsity and club teams, and student peer counseling, as well as over 100 other student interest areas.

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Support Local, National, and Global Civic Engagement and Service

Driven by practical idealism, Wesleyan students lead, serve, and engage in hundreds of service projects right here in Middletown and around the country and the world. Wesleyan’s Center for Community Partnerships empowers students, faculty, and our Middletown community to work together on programs like the Green Street Arts Center and the Center for Prison Education. Clean water, education and safety for girls, and democratizing healthcare are all global concerns addressed recently by Wes students in remarkable ways. The Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship provides specialized training, networking, internships, and opportunities for seed financing to students seeking to advance the public good. Wesleyan Fund gifts provide the resources that make our practical idealism possible.

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Support Career Center Programs and Student-Alumni Connections

One of the most valuable resources for our students is Wesleyan’s alumni network. The Gordon Career Center provides unparalleled face-to-face access to alumni, as well as parents and employer partners around the world. Wesleyan students undertake internships of all kinds in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. Frequently their work has an immediate societal impact. Wesleyan Fund gifts support all of these activities.

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Support Life-Long Learning and the Continuous Connection Between Wes Alumni

Ever wonder why the conversations you have with Wesleyan alumni friends are so intriguing, insightful, wide-ranging, and satisfying? It’s the people: curious about everything, with an opinion about everything and the knowledge to back it up. Wesleyan hosts over 200 events each year including WESeminars on the Road, networking events, art showcases, concerts, lectures, and WEServe community projects across the country. Wesleyan Fund gifts support the programs that bring Wes alumni, parents, and friends together.

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