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Bill Brooks ’49

January 6, 2015

This is Why Story:

On December 7, 1941, I was sitting at a table playing bridge with a girlfriend and her parents. The radio was on and we were listening to music, when the program was interrupted with the announcement that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. Within three months, my three older brothers were… more

Julia Vermeulen ’15

January 13, 2015

This is Why Story:

Last summer, as a recipient of the Nancy Campbell Internship in Historic Preservation, I worked as a national treasures intern in the preservation division of the National Trust, where I accepted an exciting (and somewhat scary) opportunity to effect change in the historic preservation world… more

Jessica Sharzer ’94

January 5, 2015

Thesis Title:

Two Posts From the Crossbeam: The Life and Work of Marina Tsvetaeva

Favorite Course:

Joe Rouse – Philosophical Classics

Favorite Professor:

Donald Moon – Political Theory & Christina Crosby – Women’s Studies

This is Why Story:

As a transfer student you have an exaggerated appreciation for a school—because you have a point of comparison. I transferred to Wesleyan for my sophomore year, as I wanted to move back to the East Coast and to attend a university with a slightly bigger, more diverse community. Wesleyan was an… more

Teddy O'Connor ’06

November 21, 2014

This is Why Story:

I work as an animator for the boutique animation studio Awesome and Modest (www.awesomeandmodest.com), which specializes in mixed media animation for commercials, documentaries, music videos, and cartoon shows. I also moonlight as a Los Angeles crime scenes cameraman and, yes, Jake Gyllenhaal's… more

John M Ferrara ’88

November 6, 2014

This is Why Story:

I recently read in a study that our core personal traits are formed by the time we reach 10 years old. I laughed introspectively. While I like to think the study is generally accurate, I believe that there are extraordinary people, events, places and experiences in our lives that have a significant… more