Whitford '81, Trustees Support Year-End Giving with Matching Gifts

July 20, 2016

A gift to Wesleyan is a good idea at any time, but is especially timely now as the fiscal year draws to a close. As June 30 approaches, many Cardinals are remembering – or adding to! – their gifts and pledges.

Wesleyan Fund Director Chuck Fedolfi '90 says that every gift, big or small, has a direct effect on Wesleyan students. Contributions through the Fund, totaling $10.25 million annually, provide critical support for current expenses at the university.

"We are so grateful that our alumni, parents and friends decide to give to Wesleyan every year," Fedolfi said. "Their support makes a big impact on the students' experience."

Bradley Whitford '81 recently focused his considerable acting gifts and cinematic charm to urge other alumni to give to Wesleyan. Whitford and his fellow Wesleyan Trustees will match these year end gifts. Check out Brad's performance in the video below.

All gifts are counted under Wesleyan's multi-year, multi-million dollar THIS IS WHY campaign, which celebrates access, inquiry and impact across the university, and encourages alumni and friends to share not only their gifts, but their reasons why a Wesleyan education is their cause.