Judson ’64 Makes Endowment Gift Using IRA Rollover Provision

July 20, 2016

Dr. Franklyn Judson '64 funded an IRA during his illustrious career as a physician specializing in infectious diseases and epidemiology, including a period as Director of Public Health for the city of Denver. As he prepared to return to campus this past fall for Homecoming/Family Weekend, he decided that now was the time to make a gift toward Wesleyan's future and that he would take advantage of the current IRA rollover provision. Judson recently committed the maximum allowable in this planned gift format—$100,000—to the University's endowment, with no restrictions on how income should be spent.

Frank Judson has been gratified by Wesleyan's commitment to control the costs of higher education and by the campaign’s focus on building endowment resources. His gift, he asserted, is "a statement of confidence and trust in where I think Wesleyan is going."

Also impelling Judson’s giving was his 50th Reunion, upcoming in May 2014, for which he has agreed to be co-chair. Among his classmates, he notes, are some who have the sense that "values have changed" at Wesleyan and others who have felt that financially "year by year things were eroding." Although for a time he shared similar concerns, Judson has a strongly positive view of Wesleyan today and hopes his example and efforts with classmates can "bring them into the fold." Homecoming 2013, highlighted by the football victory and a celebratory DKE house reception for alumni and current students afterward, confirmed his enthusiasm.

"If you’re fortunate enough, as I am, not to need the income from the IRA," Judson offers, "it’s a pretty simplified method of transferring funds without a lot of paperwork." Frank Judson encourages giving to Wesleyan in this or other ways. He observes succinctly, "No money, no mission."

Under the tax provision in effect for the past two years, those aged 70 ½ or older can transfer up to $100,000 from an IRA to Wesleyan (or other charitable institutions). The amount transferred does not count as income for tax purposes. It is quite possible that the provision will be renewed for 2014.

For more information, contact Mark Davis, Director of Planned Giving, at (860) 685-3660 or mdavis@wesleyan.edu. Other planned gifts that fit a variety of financial situations are described here: http://www.wesleyan.plannedgiving.org/.