GOLD Challenge to Fund Student Directly

July 20, 2016

For many in the United States, this March has been notable for never-ending winter – with named storms, temps hovering 20 degrees below normal, and dirty heaps of snow: basically, it’s been gray. But for the Wesleyan Fund, the month has been pure GOLD.

GOLD alumni, that is. University Relations has spent March celebrating "Graduates Of the Last Decade" through the GOLD Challenge, a month-long campaign with the goal of $50,000, enough to support a single high-need student for one year.

"We want to rally as many donors as possible to hit the $50,000-plus target," said Joe Giaimo ’11, assistant director of the Wesleyan Fund. "We raised over $40,000 last year."

So far this year, more than $15,000 has been raised from 124 donors.

The challenge will wrap up on April 3, when hundreds of young alumni around the world will attend parties in their respective cities. To get a taste of last year’s parties, see the video.

Gifts through the Wesleyan Fund count toward Wesleyan’s multi-year, multi-million dollar campaign promoting access, inquiry and impact across the University, with its primary goal to raise dollars for financial aid. More than $328 million has been raised so far, with alumni, parents and friends encouraged to share not just their gifts, but their reasons why a Wesleyan education is their cause.

The GOLD challenge was created at the suggestion of many Wes alums who wanted their annual gifts to go directly toward financial aid.

"I know that donors wonder where their gifts go when they give to Wesleyan," Giaimo said. "We wanted a very tangible goal."

That goal also illustrates how much, dollar for dollar, it costs Wesleyan to provide financial aid packages for students.

There are 6,656 GOLD alumni.