Video: President Michael Roth on THIS IS WHY

July 20, 2016

On Friday, March 1, at the regular winter meeting of the Board of Trustees, President Michael Roth officially launched the public phase of Wesleyan’s fundraising campaign. 

The campaign targets more than $200 million for financial aid, $140 million to attract and retain faculty and support academic programs, and $60 million to support student engagement through internships, research and other programs that enable students to integrate experiences outside the classroom with their academic work. It's a $400 million campaign, by far Wesleyan's most ambitious ever, and Roth shared his excitement about its momentum. Over the past five years, the campaign in its so-called "quiet phase" has raised more than $283 million.

The theme of the campaign is "THIS IS WHY." Introduced over the past months through a series of tabloids, THIS IS WHY encourages alumni and friends of Wesleyan to affirm their own reasons for supporting the university.