$600,000 Gift Announced at New York Fundraiser

July 20, 2016

President Michael Roth delighted an audience of more than 250 alumni and other guests at a New York fundraiser with the surprise announcement of a $600,000 endowment gift for financial aid made by an anonymous donor. The news came at the end of “An Evening with Mad Men,” an exclusive event featuring Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner '87 and hosted April 25 at the Director's Guild of America Theater.

During an engaging and unscripted conversation with President Roth, Weiner presented clips from his popular and award-winning AMC series and spoke about Wesleyan experiences that helped to shape his career in the entertainment industry. He talked about being a College of Letters major, and told the hilarious story of how a professor’s brutal critique of his senior poetry thesis set him on the path of writing for film and television.

“My Wesleyan education is on the screen,” Weiner said.

The Mad Men fundraiser was the first in a series of events to kick off the $400 million THIS IS WHY campaign to support the University’s endowment. All proceeds from ticket sales—100%—will go directly to financial aid for Wesleyan students. More information about the campaign and upcoming events can be found at http://thisiswhy.wesleyan.edu.