Thank a Cardinal Day to Recognize Gifts Large and Small

July 20, 2016

In a move sure to delight all the moms, grannies and Miss Manners out there, Wesleyan students will soon be gathering to write thank-you notes – lots of them.

Wednesday, April 23, is Thank a Cardinal Day, when every student who comes to Usdan has an opportunity to write brief thanks to alumni, parents and friends who've donated through the Wesleyan Fund in fiscal 2014. A student-run Thank-You table will provide blank cards, pens, and edible inducement.

"Alumni and parent giving, year after year, is so important to the Wesleyan experience," said Chuck Fedolfi '90, director of annual giving. "All the students here benefit in some way from giving by the Wesleyan community and this is a great way for students to directly thank our loyal donors."

The Wesleyan Fund raises $10.25 million annually through gifts large and small. Many donors give every year to support the University's current expenses, and special fundraisers like the March GOLD Challenge support financial aid.

On Thank a Cardinal Day, students can write one or several notes of thanks for this support. All the gifts raised by the fund count in Wesleyan's multi-year, multi-million dollar fundraising campaign promoting access, inquiry and impact across the University. The campaign’s primary focus is support of financial aid, and alumni are asked to share not just their gifts, but their reasons why a Wesleyan education is their cause.