WesWell Receives $4 Million Gift to Support Students

July 20, 2016

WesWell, Wesleyan’s Office of Health Education, is an integral part of Wesleyan University’s Health Services, committed to enhancing student well-being by promoting healthy lifestyles and developing programs to prevent risky behaviors that may interfere with students’ personal and academic success. Thanks to a $4 million gift from John ’62 and Ruth Huss to WesWell through our THIS IS WHY campaign, WesWell will be able to expand its programming to help students be successful in school and in life.

WesWell strives to fulfill its mission by:

  • designing programs and outreach to promote positive health behaviors and provide educational information on various topics, including body image, stress, sexual assault, sexual health, sleep, nutrition, and alcohol and other drugs;

  • implementing sexual assault response and prevention training and programs;

  • coordinating the Peer Health Advocate program, which focuses on promoting responsible decision-making regarding alcohol and other drugs; developing bystander intervention initiatives, including We Speak We Stand; advocating positive and responsible sexual health while respecting people’s individual choices; and improving the mental and emotional wellbeing of students;
    implementing Alcohol and Other Drug prevention programs;

  • supporting and advocating for changes in campus policies and procedures that promote the creation of a healthier campus environment;

  • assessing the health status of students by conducting research and collecting and analyzing data; and

  • providing a Health Information Resource Library and referrals to other health resources.

“At Wesleyan, we live together, we learn together, and we look out for one another,” said Dean Mike Whaley, vice president for student affairs. “WesWell’s continued commitment to promoting and supporting a healthy, safe campus community will help make that goal a reality.”